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Basic understanding

Our core values have always been characterized by liberal, cosmopolitan thinking. We define ourselves as a tolerant, non-denominational and politically unaffiliated community. Beyond our studies, we Alemanni remain in a lifelong bond. Personality development, willingness to perform, acceptance of responsibility and internationality are, in our view, fundamental pillars of our association. Just as characteristic for the atmosphere in the Alemannia is the student way of life. It fills our events noticeably alive and guarantees memories with unforgettable impressions. As a socially oriented blue fraternity, we attach great importance to good manners and regularly organize numerous lectures, festive dinners, dance evenings and balls. We also take responsibility in the charitable sector in cooperation with other charitable organizations and are committed to helping disadvantaged people in our society.


Friendship among Alemanni is a special one. It is characterized by a special depth of sincere attachment. Numerous shared experiences from student life, mutual trust, mutual support, as well as ups and downs experienced together weld us together inseparably for life. Our community consists of members from a wide variety of disciplines and offers many opportunities to get to know a wide variety of exciting characters.

Challenge and encourage

Achievement in higher education is a very important fundamental value for us Alemannians. In the past, Alemannia has already produced many top graduates and important personalities. We continue to set this standard for ourselves. We expect outstanding academic performance and special commitment from our members. Our library provides all the prerequisites for quiet, successful, concentrated work: standard literature, study materials and learning utensils for a wide variety of subject areas. Uniquely compared to most other student fraternities, we have had our own educational foundation since 1952. Through the "Ulrich Wagner Foundation", teaching materials for any subject area can be purchased. Furthermore, stays abroad and individual projects can be supported. Brothers who are already further advanced in their studies regularly give advice and support to younger brothers. In addition to financial support, the strong network of our alumni actively supports the active members through a wide range of exchanges of experience, internships, mentoring and much more.


Alemanni can be found all over the world in the most diverse places and on almost all continents. With us, internationality and diversity are perceived as a great enrichment. Our network offers our members great opportunities in the most diverse respects.

Personality development

The Alemannia provides its members with a wide range of support opportunities. Lectures, seminars, discussion groups and many other events take place regularly on our premises. They give the opportunity to deal with other people, interests and professional fields in a reflective, respectful and objective way in a variety of topics and to broaden one's own horizons. The goal is to be able to find one's own point of view, to correct it if necessary, to understand other people's opinions, as well as to deal with conflicts with each other in such a way that personal respect for each other is preserved.

Taking responsibility is also considered very important in Alemannia. Our student community offers numerous opportunities to get involved in a committed way. Whether in the organization of events, coordination or the realization of the semester program, everyone contributes in his own way a part to the successful active operation. We are successful together!

The daily togetherness on the house is also a great opportunity to develop in a community with a wide variety of characters.

Visitors and guests are always welcome at our fraternity house. Whether during or after the academic semester, our house on Gunterstalstrasse is the place to meet for scheduled events or spontaneous gatherings. Feel free to stop by.

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G√ľnterstalstrasse 56
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G√ľnterstalstrasse 56
79100 Freiburg i. Br.
E-Mail: altherrenbund@alemannia-freiburg.de


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